What you'll learn

  • Introduction to people per hour
  • People Per Hour Marketplace interface
  • Creating account in People Per Hour
  • Sending Proposals
  • Creating Offers
  • Similarities with other Platform


  • Computer and an internet connection 
  • Digital Skills in at least any one category
  • Basic Communication in English
  • Need STRONG Desire to earn more as a freelancer
  • A mindset to learn the principles and imply them
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Saifur Rahman

Course Description

Are you a beginner who is looking forward to starting freelancing in a different yet popular marketplace unlike Fiverr or Upwork? Then this course is just for you. PeoplePerHour, legally People Per Hour Limited is a UK-based company whose function is as an online platform giving businesses access to freelance workers. You will find the similarity of the interface inside People Per Hour with other professional Platforms and can use it as an alternative to those platforms.

Course Curriculum

2 Chapters · 16 Lessons · 53 3502
  • Chapter 00: Welcome to Learnio

    • C0.01: Welcome to your learning journey!

    • C0.02: What isLearnio?

    • C0.03: Learnio & You

    • C0.04: Setting goals

    • C0.05: Join our Community

    • C0.06: How it works: Assignments

    • C0.07: How it works: Quiz

  • Chapter 01: PeoplePerHour Complete Guide

    • C1:00 Intro to the course

    • C1:01 Introduction to PeoplePerHour

    • C1:02 PeoplePerHour Interface and Profile

    • C1:03 PeoplePerHour Ranking System

    • C1:04 PeoplePerHour Payment Method

    • C1:05 PeoplePerHour Account Opening

    • C1:06 Sending Proposal in PPH

    • C1:07 PPH Offers

    • C1:08 Creating PPH Offers